He unfortunatly wears a hand-me-down life jacket, that is pink. But what does he care… ice cream by the pool is just fine by him, in a girl’s life jacket or not, he’s livin’ the dream.

dearest casual businessman…

It was almost a year ago that you took me with you to that New York City place. It was your 40th Birthday, remember? It was a grand adventure. I grew two blisters the size of one New Jersey state on each foot. (I wanted to wear my fancy best shoes!) (Since it was New […]

behind the scenes

Ryan Muirhead   Mariana Gonzalez FIND day 3 Carlsbad, CA.


Just getting back from a waterski/camping trip, where the lake was my shower and the deer were my neighbors. I am home, cleaned up and still alive. things are about to get busy with weddings this month and more photos from my time @ Film is Not Dead coming soon !!!!! photo credit to the […]

Cannon Beach, OR

last weekend. it was splendid.

FIND [part 1]

(a Diana double exposure) all photos were taken at Film is Not Dead in Solana Beach, CA. Fuji Pro 400h

Encinitas, CA.

I don’t want to feel like it’s an end of a summer

let’s not fall back to sleep like we used to -shout out louds

it’s good to see you back home

i missed you so

at the carnival

We’ll have a great time We’ll fly the ferris wheel to the moon