only but a dream

she flew across the seawe talked on a small screena cubism dreamthe most beautiful squares i’d ever seen -local natives

this heart’s on fire

And you’re my favorite thingtell it everywhere I goI don’t know what to doThis heart’s on fire~wolf parade

a niece and a nephew

Taken with Hasselblad 500c, Fuji PRO 400H.

2nd child/3rd grade

seriously stop growing. just stop it right now. anyone know how to bottle childhood>?

i wear your shoes, and your jacket too

i always knew-youin your mothers armsi have called your namei have an ideaplaced in your mindto be a better mani’ve made a crown for youput it in your roomand when the bride groom comesthere will be noisethere will be gladand a perfect bedand when you write a poemi know the wordsi know the soundsbefore you […]

the air smells like summer

all delightfully imperfect photos taken with the Diana F+ .

A Boise 4th

All photos taken with FUJI PRO 400H

Austin TX

miss you. somethin’ fierce.

  Sonja not pictured (she hides from the camera these days) but I miss her like crazy too!

you can dance if you want to

: : : : : Sonja : : : : : : : : : : Stella : : : : : : : : : : Mimi : : : : :

pink guitar