i wear your shoes, and your jacket too

i always knew-youin your mothers armsi have called your namei have an ideaplaced in your mindto be a better mani’ve made a crown for youput it in your roomand when the bride groom comesthere will be noisethere will be gladand a perfect bedand when you write a poemi know the wordsi know the soundsbefore you […]

the air smells like summer

all delightfully imperfect photos taken with the Diana F+ .

A Boise 4th

All photos taken with FUJI PRO 400H

Austin TX

miss you. somethin’ fierce.

  Sonja not pictured (she hides from the camera these days) but I miss her like crazy too!

you can dance if you want to

: : : : : Sonja : : : : : : : : : : Stella : : : : : : : : : : Mimi : : : : :

pink guitar

hello dolly

Lately these two have been bringing their dolls everywhere, they get buckled in seat belts and join us all over town. The grocery store, the coffee shop, the movie theater, and so forth. I love it.

light leaks

carnival pt. 2

riverfront carnival

MAY.29.2010 PORTLAND, OR. Film: Fuji 100c