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dearest casual businessman…

It was almost a year ago that you took me with you to that New York City place. It was your 40th Birthday, remember? It was a grand adventure. I grew two blisters the size of one New Jersey state on each foot. (I wanted to wear my fancy best shoes!) (Since it was New York you know.) I had the time of my life. Which means, I will remember it for the rest of my life. I like it when you take me places, I wish you were packing me up tonight in your carry-on to accompany you to California in the morning. Or next week? is there room for me to follow you to Oklahoma? Or the trip after that? I’ll even take Arizona?
But most of all, please take me back to Moscow!
Think about it, and send me a text with your answer. (With a picture of you on the airplane attached.)
Mrs. Casual Businessman