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Chris + Gardenia

When we were looking for a photographer we knew we wanted someone that felt like part of our family or close friend because our wedding was going to be so small and intimate. And we also knew we didn’t want the mainstream wedding photographer, we wanted something different and beautiful. 
Kjrsten was everything we had wished for. 
She arrived to Jamaica with just her camera equipment because the airline had lost her luggage, and regardless of not having any of her personal belongings she was excited to be there and made us the priority (not her luggage!) 
Kjrsten didn’t only shoot our wedding day, but she accompanied through three days of wedding festivities. She captured all the laughter and memories and the end result was the story of our love in beautiful images that we will forever cherish.

Danielle + Sergei

Kjrsten was so great! She came out to our wedding in Normandy, France. She originally was supposed to leave before our dinner began, but stayed through our entire dinner and got some amazing photos! 

She was very on top of things, but was willing to go with the flow on our destination wedding. 

I would highly recommend her!

Jordan + Katie

Kjrsten knew exactly how to wrangle 50+ people to get the exact pictures I wanted, which is NO easy task at a large wedding. She was able to capture all of the perfect moments from my big day, from start to finish, without any effort on my part. I absolutely loved working with her.

Barret + Maggie

Our Wedding diet was Taco Bell and Dr Pepper and Kjrsten still made us feel and look like superstars. By the end of the wedding we basically felt like she was a part of our wedding party. 5 years later, if we redid our wedding we would do a lot of things differently, but one thing we would never change is having Kjrsten as our Photographer.

Lizzy + Anthony

Kjrsten is raw talent, and the warmest of people. She sensitively fits seamlessly into the fabric of your event and family, capturing everything you love and everything you didnt know you loved about them. She is incredibly empathic, which gives her a strong sense of intuition when it comes to people and photograghing them.

Mark + Ji Young

I am beyond happy with choosing Kjrsten Madsen Photography for my wedding day. We had a very intimate gathering under a large tree in Oregon. She captured every detail in the brides room, grooms room and the ceremony itself. Details that would have slipped my mind had I not had her images to fall back on. I appreciated Kjrsten’s laid back personality while still able to accomplish all that she did. Kjrsten is professional, talented and I truly feel like she went the extra mile on my special day. Her turn around was so quick that I remember looking at our photos on our honeymoon in Maui. A few years later we had the opportunity to be in Salt Lake for a long weekend and we contacted Kjrsten to check her schedule for a quick mini family session in the fall leaves. Kjrsten had plans to go camping with her family but took an hour to take our family photos near the Salt Lake City capital. I was so appreciative!! We used those photos for our Christmas card and enlarged a family photo for our family room. I am forever grateful for her mad skills and willingness that day!!! Thank you Kjrsten!!!

Ben + Jess

We cannot recommend Kjrsten highly enough. She was a delight to work with and we were thrilled with the end results. 
On the day, Kjrsten was a really calming presence, and judging by the positive comments from our guests, people felt really relaxed with her. She did a fantastic job at coordinating the shots we wanted and capturing the spontaneous moments, without disrupting the flow of the day. 
When choosing a photographer we were initially drawn to the quality of her work, which has a timeless and natural feel. The final photos didn’t disappoint! Kjrsten had managed to beautifully capture moments from every stage of the day, little details which might otherwise have been forgotten, and of course the traditional group portraits. Both Jess and I are quite camera-shy, however we didn’t want to miss the opportunity for professional shots of us as a couple. Kjrsten did a great job at working with us to achieve these shots, which were natural, flattering and did not feel cheesy or too contrived. 
Overall her service and photography thoroughly exceeded our expectations, and we’re lucky to have such a stunning memento of the day.

Ben + Jodi

Four years after our wedding, people still talk about our gorgeous photos, and I still tell anyone and everyone about the photographer who took them. Kjrsten was an absolute star, I cannot rate her highly enough. She captured everything we asked for, and lots more moments that we weren’t aware of, that are far more important to us looking back now. 
She fantastically cajoled two (somewhat) unwilling participants into doing close ups, and gave us a set of images that perfectly summed up the atmosphere and party on the day. 
Very telling about her brilliance was that when we received photos back from guests of our vows, several people commented on the fact that they hadn’t realised Kjrsten was standing directly behind the celebrant taking some shots. This ability to be discrete and ever present is a real skill, and one which Kjrsten has in spades. 
If I had the opportunity to work with her again I wouldn’t hesitate!

Brad + Bekah

Kjrsten was a pleasure to work with. She was very easy going and was able to work with our schedule when our original photographer cancelled last minute. She came to Washington, DC a day or two before the wedding to scope out places to take pictures. I highly recommend her!