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VAL (part 1)(news)

By the request of some family members as well as my own personal desires, my mother is about to become the main focus of my personal work.
If you know most of the back story then you understand why. If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about you can read about her situation HERE (it is a blog my dad set up to keep all concerned parties updated)
About a year ago, my dad’s chocolate Labrador died, she was old and suffering. My girls cried really hard when they heard the news. For several days. It wasn’t even their dog, but they are tender like that. My parents came down today to talk to my girls. To give them the latest. I told my parents I couldn’t do it this time. They have heard bad news about my mom innumerable times over the years. Cancer can be like a roller coaster, but with more downs than ups. I gave my parents the dirty job. After the little chat, the mood was surprisingly uplifting despite the obvious hardships ahead. It was then I told the girls they were special. They would learn to be strong, and grateful for precious little things, and grow in faith along the way. But also, they (we. me. us.) are lucky to know her and call her our grandmother, mother, wife, sister, auntie, friend.

{Fuji 3000B. Hasselblad 500C w/polaroid back (scanned and inverted negs)}
My mom likes halloween. a lot. Do you like her spider pin? She LOVES it!