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VAL (part 2)(testing)

Home for 24 hours. Moral support at the hospital in the morning. The Twins show up just in-time for laughs! Lunch with my siblings- Duffy, Anna, Marion (+Rhett+Macrae) Pizza is the life. The beach with Marion in the afternoon to cleanse our minds, chat, and pick *flowers for our mother. Happy Hanna Take-Out for a Happy Birthday to Valerie-Anne. 56 years young. Dinner- served up on fine china with silver-spoons. What a birthday. Val=everythingiwanttobe.
It was a lovely weekend… And even so… considering the situation.

(*her kitchen never looked cuter!)

Thank you so much to those of you who have reached out and shared your thoughts, prayers, kindness with us (me). Where do I start about this. If you want a real update you will have to read my dad’s blog which is more like love letters to my mom. It is really something special. I am not very good with words, written or spoken. Instead I offer the above to express my deep love, sadness, joy, struggle, quiet reflection, (all of it). And hopefully these images will convey to you, to my family, my future self (when I look back someday) what my heart yearns to say.