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B&W weekend

parlor hawk
desert noises
This was last weekend… Parlor Hawk (my brother Andrew‘s band) was in Portland with Desert Noises, we went to see them, and gave them some beds to rest their weary heads after the show. I really like desert noises stuff, I was glad to meet them, all super nice and gracious dudes. Oh, And other things worth mentioning here in this post… before the show started we grabbed a bite at a place called Central which is sort of a “speakeasy” … it’s of course not really a speakeasy, because well, alcohol is not illegal anymore. It’s just hidden in a backroom so they call it a speakeasy and they don’t advertise at all- so it’s very just word of mouth kind of deal. Which gives it a very unique vibe. As you can see by the top photos it’s totally radical, and the food was fantastic (we had crepes one savory and two sweet) And then at the tail end of this post are other happenings of the weekend. Mimi and her nebulizer, (the poor dear) and a mini-anniversary celebration in which Pete made chocolate chip muffins and had me blow out a candle. Yay for 13 years! And yay for our real celebration, alone-together in Seattle. Wow, this is a lot of writing for me, that’s what happens when I blog at 2am. g’night. (p.s. fuji 3000b+polaroid600SE)