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London (an introductory post)

These were all taken on my first and last day in London. Mostly of the classic sights. In a few days I hope to post some more London stuff but different than this. These are very city touristy shots, but I absolutely love the images (coming) from the neighborhoods where I was house hunting, and also from nights when we hung out in the borough areas for food and fun (like: Hampstead, Camden, Notting Hill and a few shots from the street where our new house resides – in South Hampstead) Going through all of these images is getting
me so excited for the move. FINALLY! For a while there I couldn’t think straight because I was really missing my husband, but recently I have been so busy (slightly crazy) that I kind of forgot about what lies on the other side of all of this stress (stress:sorting/packing/moving/leaving/saying-goodbye)
London and a new adventure, a new life really lies on the other side and while that might seem completely crazy, risky, treacherous, uncertain… It doesn’t feel that way at all to me.
I felt so at peace while I was there wandering the streets (mostly by myself while Pete worked) and all of this hard stuff is going to be worth it someday, I just know it.

In conclusion, that was london post 1, and maybe 2 (3?) more in the works, and also we went to paris for 5 days so there will be a few posts just for that!
XO trusty readers, hang in there. 🙂