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Midnight on the beach of the Mediterranean

Mid-term break falls right in the center of October. At this point in the season, london is pretty cooled off, but many parts of Europe (the southern parts) are still prime for vacationing. Our plan was simple. Go to the sun… (we said) The most southern tip of spain to be exact. All of our research told us that the weather will be in the high 70’s, on average. Coming from Portland, that is good enough for beach bathing and poolside laying. And you know what? It rained while we were there. Inches and inches of rain! This gave us a chance to explore the inland cities, that we would have otherwise missed had the sun been shining the whole time. We probably would have never left our little spot on the Mediterranean. In the end we got what we came for and managed to enjoy a few days of R&R at the beach>