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Halloween night on Abby Road

I realize this is a very outdated post with all of the visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads right about now. I was once a very dedicated blogger, so trust me when I say it’s more painful for me to post such bygone Halloween days, than it is for you to read/see them in the midst of Christmas. I shipped this film off to be developed in the US, which only explains half of the delay. The other reason for my lack of blogging lately comes with excuse upon excuse, you know the usual things: being deathly ill, being out of the country (jamaica!) a husband also out of the country, visitors from the Americas, and then just the regular stuff… Don’t even get me started on Christmas shopping, I only just started TODAY! (((hiding my head in utter shame)))
And just like with Christmas shopping, better late than never, here is our Halloween night out.

Films : Portra 800 and Neopan 1600