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a year in review

2011 will go down in history as our most exciting, risky, adventurous, challenging, and strengthening year to date. We spent the first half of 2011 apart, Peter in London and me and the girls in Portland, preparing for our big move across the pond. Those months were  rough and strange, while coming to terms with my mom’s terminal cancer I was packing, house and school hunting, selling everything, saying goodbye to friends, family, a city we loved so much, and setting off into the great unknown. 
As it turns out we like it here very much. Everything is different now. We walk/bus/tube/train everywhere we go (no car!) we have our groceries delivered, the girls go to school dressed like Hogwarts students, we are learning new words like fringe=bangs and rucksack=backpack, etc… The girls have adjusted better than I could have hoped. Peter and I are stronger and more united than ever.
 Sure, living abroad is rife with challenges, but also full of new opportunities and there are advantages we wouldn’t have other wise. We like the new-ness of it all.

This blog post will act as sort of as my stream of consciousness, how I remember the year, what stayed with me, it’s a bit of everything, thank you for being a reader of this small space of mine in the interwebs.
and here’s to a good year! (Ellie)