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Over 60 years ago Martina ventured to London in search of a something better, and also to forget. WWII had reached her mountain village in Bavaria. Hitler’s Youth forced her to work on their farms. Her village was bombed. Everything was rationed. As the innocence of her childhood slipped away, she wanted to leave too. By the time she was old enough to go, the war was over, but her heart was not in Germany anymore. England would welcome her with the promise of prosperity. It didn’t take long for Martina to learn English, find a job, a young social scene, a new life. Along with that new life came a tall dark and handsome young man from Tonga. (But where in the world is Tonga- Martina wanted to know!) They soon married, bought a little house in Queens Park, had a baby girl and began living the dream- the British Dream.
Martina still lives in that little house in Queens Park. It’s just her now. Her husband has passed away and her daughter is all grown up. She doesn’t miss Germany much, London has everything she needs. It holds all of the memories of her good life. But she’ll happily yodel for you if you ask her too.