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endless summer

This photo was taken back in June of Stella girl on the beach of Cavi- Italy, right at sunset (camera-Yashica Mat 124, film- Kodak triX) I am lamenting the usual that moms do right at back to school time, another year passed already. These babies are not babies any longer. I still have not come to terms with that. sometimes at night when I see them sleeping I see the baby inside of them, the baby that I used to know is still there. Already a year has passed since we made the move to London, probably the fastest year of my life to date. We’ve had a good year out here, traveled a lot, and learned even more about ourselves. That’s what this move has been about for us, leaving our comfortable and familiar lives and trying something new, fully knowing it would be difficult at times (most of the time) but I always seem to enjoy the difficult things more than the easy things (shooting film over digital for one) there is just so much more satisfaction that way. We had a good run this summer beginning in Italy (which I still need to blog the full story) and ending now as I sit in Hawaii, about to shoot a wedding in a few hours. When I get home it will be off to school for the girls, uniforms, alarm clocks and memorizing times tables. I would be happy living in summer forever!